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Start Developing Your Staff Today!

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Start Developing Your Staff Today!


Guest Blog by Stephanie Montanez – Author, HR Thought-Leader, and Executive Producer

You may ask yourself, what can I do to build a one-of-a-kind ROCKIN team? Well I have the answer for you. Train and lead your team to success by developing their skills. True leadership comes by lifting people up to the next level, which will help you obtain the next level as well.

We all know that leadership is complex and has many facets and components. For most people these skills do not come naturally – neither were the skills you learned to obtain your current position or level of success. Your past success has gotten you to where you are today and to get where you want to be in the future you need to learn new skills and master new things. And as I am sure you are aware, as a leader the way we ultimately become successful is by getting greater results from those we lead.

In other words, if YOU want to be or become a successful leader, have less stress, greater confidence and improve your chances of advancement, you must become a great coach to others.

One of the most famous authors, speaker and coach to millions, Zig Ziglar said it the best: “You can get anything in life you want, if you are willing to help enough other people get what they want.” DO YOU WANT to become that leader?

Well as we come into the New Year, what will you do differently this decade than the previous one? This year I am putting a challenge to all organizational leaders.

The challenge is to COACH, MENTOR and DEVELOP your staff!
Check with your Human Resource Department or Employee Coaching Department they may have many resources that you can borrow for training materials, if none are available you can try the following:

 Leadership Books – find a great book and share it within your team and set up discussions pertaining to the book.

 Attend webinars and local workshops

 Hire Anne Bruce to facilitate workshops at your organization!

Just remember, as a leader and as you develop others you help them get the job satisfaction, peace of mind, security that comes with greater skills, and opportunities that come with all of that, we must encourage, persuade, support – we must be coaches. Set the standard today and create a training plan to mentor your ENTIRE staff, not just your leadership staff.

And remember the better we coach, the more successful we help others become, the more we will gain in return as well.

One final thought, as you complete this training, track it so you can see how much you can accomplish in a year’s time, you will be surprised how quickly your training time adds up!

Thanks in advance for accepting this challenge!

Stephanie Montanez, PHR
Director of Human Resources
MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc.
and member of the Society for
Human Resources Management and
the National Human Resources Association
and holds the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) certification